Antwerp Diamond Selection

The Antwerp Advantage—From the Diamond Capital of the World to You

 At Harvey Oaks, we think finding you the perfect diamond means everything, so we go to great lengths to bring it to you.  Antwerp, Belgium is the diamond capital of the world and our source for quality and selection. This fall, Harvey Oaks Jeweler is once again bringing the Antwerp diamond experience to you. We have made arrangements through our dealers to send selections from their diamond inventories, providing a unique shopping experience right here in our store!

What Makes Antwerp, Belgium So Significant? 

We know many customers have concerns about where their diamonds come from. For over 500 years, most of the world’s diamond supply has been handled in Belgium, with approximately 80% of all diamonds mined each year being sent to Antwerp to be processed. Antwerp is also home to some of the world’s finest diamond cutters, whose knowledge and expertise have been passed down from master to apprentice. 

Whether in its rough state or as a cut and finished stone, each and every diamond entering Antwerp has undergone certification through the well-documented Kimberley Process, ensuring it to be conflict-free, making the Antwerp diamond trade an ethical leader throughout the industry.

Exclusive Access to the Finest Diamonds

The relationships Harvey Oaks Jeweler has established in Antwerp have given us access to practically any diamond of any size, shape, or price. Since Harvey Oaks Jeweler is able to buy these diamonds direct, we are able to offer your diamond at the best price. Whether you are looking for the right diamond to ask the big question or the perfect little sparkle for any occasion, Harvey Oaks Jeweler is your ticket to the Antwerp diamond experience. 


Ready to Select Your Diamond Jewelry?

Visit our shop or contact us—we would be delighted to show you our selection and answer any of your questions. 

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