Our histroy


jewelry Harvey Oaks moved to Fremont, Ohio in 1949, where he went to work as a watchmaker for a local jeweler. In a short amount of time, with a desire to go beyond strictly watch repair, Mr. Oaks opened his own store in 1950. In addition to watch repair, his new store carried a variety of jewelry and even some non-jewelry essentials such as electric razors, toasters, and other household items. At that time, there were already six jewelry stores in Fremont, but Harvey Oaks was in search of something more. His emphasis on quality above all else gradually built the momentum to move the business forward. During the mid to late 1950s, Harvey Oaks started traveling to Cleveland, where he began to learn the art of goldsmithing from a few of the old masters in the trade.
By the early 1960s, Mr. Oaks found himself spending an increasing amount of time as a goldsmith and turning more of the watch repair work over to watchmakers he had hired. Before long Harvey Oaks had created the backbone of what the store was to become; a quality jewelry business capable of providing full in-house services on the product it sells.
With the editions of Gerald Gonya and Jim Parkhurst to the staff in 1979 and 1982 respectively, Harvey Oaks was able to pass on the industry knowledge and experience to a new generation of ownership. Today, Harvey Oaks Jeweler maintains the same principles of quality and service that Mr. Oaks himself laid the foundation for back in 1950. Featuring in-store custom design, goldsmithing, appraisals and the finest selection of diamonds and colored gems from around the world, Harvey Oaks Jeweler is something more.